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I have Server Essentials 2016 along with Quickbooks Enterprise 18 just freshly set up.  We were planning on getting by with the 2 user limit allotted by WSE but finding this program am wondering how difficult is this setup process?  I’m seeing a massive length guide for manual domain setup to remote in etc and is this the guide I would use?  How is the performance of these programs via remote, comparable to a RDS session?

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The initial set up for WSE RemoteApp is very easy. You simply install the add-in on your server, open the server Dashboard, go to the new “WSE REMOTEAPP” page, click on the “RemoteApp Programs” subtab, use the “Publish RemoteApp programs” task to publish any program that is installed directly on your Essentials server (which would be QuickBooks in your case), and then go to the “Users” subtab, and allow access for the users that you want to be able to use the published RemoteApp program. For a complete step-by-step walk through go here.

That will get your allowed users going with local access to their published RemoteApp programs. If you want your allowed users to also be able to access their published RemoteApp programs remotely (i.e. from the server’s built-in Remote Web Access website, or from the add-in’s RADC web feed feature using any of the Microsoft Remote Desktop client apps, or the new Remote Desktop web client), then you’ll need to turn on the Anywhere Access / Remote Web Access feature of your Essentials server.

That being said… If you use a Microsoft personalized domain name for your Essentials server’s Remote Web Access feature (which I highly recommend), then it is very easy to set up, and doesn’t require the lengthy set up process that’s required when using a custom / vanity domain name.

As for performance… It should be exactly the same as RDS (without load balancing), but that of course depends on the type and number of RemoteApps your users are running, the number of simultaneous connections taking place on the server, and the performance of the server itself (i.e. for bigger work loads it should have fast SSD hard drives, lots of RAM, and a fast modern processor).

WSE RemoteApp is available for a 21-day evaluation period, and so you can always give it a try and see how well it works for you before you commit to purchasing it (although please do note that the RADC web feed and multiple simultaneous connections features are not available while it is running in evaluation mode).

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