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Hey all,

We have a client who wants to have QuickBooks published to their small office – We are using a small server machine with WSE 2016 and have successfully installed the WSE RemoteApp add-in. We have no problem connecting via RDS, but want to just publish the QuickBooks application to keep the overhead on the server down. Is there a way to access the published app without using a Domain?


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Hi Natalie,

I believe that I already answered this one for you via email, but I’ll go ahead and post it here as well because I believe that it may help out others who are using Windows 7 client computers and can’t get WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feeds feature working (i.e. they receive a “The URL you typed does not have a connection.” error when attempting to set up the web feed within the Windows 7 RADC client in the Control Panel).

Okay, I think I’ve figured it out now…

The update that is breaking WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feeds feature in Windows 7 is this one:

KB2830447 – Update for RemoteApp and Desktop Connections feature is available for Windows

It’s an “optional” Windows Update that doesn’t get installed during a normal check for Windows Updates (which is why I didn’t notice it before). And, once it gets installed, WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feed feature stops working.

That being said, the reason that WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feeds feature stops working when you install KB2830447 is because it has a prerequisite Windows Update that doesn’t get installed along with it (when it probably should! – Silly Microsoft, Trix are for kids!). That prerequisite Windows Update is:

KB2574819 – An update is available that adds support for DTLS in Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1

Apparently one of the improvements Microsoft made to the RADC client in Windows 7 (with KB2830447) made it so that the RADC connections now require DTLS (for increased security – like in Windows 10).

So, if you go ahead and install the “optional” KB2574819 onto your Windows 7 client, WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feeds feature “should” start working for you once again.

That took some crazy sleuthing on my part to figure out, but I think that I finally licked it! Please do let me know how it goes.

Oh, and BTW, you can also go ahead and re-install the August 8, 2017 Monthly Rollup (KB4034664) Windows Update on your Windows 7 client again, seeing as that wasn’t the culprit after all. Mea culpa!

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WSE RemoteApp’s client-side connector will only be installed onto your Windows client computers that have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software (i.e. the Launchpad) installed on them. The Windows Server Essentials Connector software can be installed on both domain-joined and non-domain-joined client computers of your network. For more information see:

Connect computers to a Windows Server Essentials server without joining the domain

If you have Windows client computers that do not have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software (i.e. the Launchpad) installed on them, then you can still have them remotely connect to WSE RemoteApp using the add-in’s gadget that is located on the server’s built-in Remote Web Access website. Additionally, you can use WSE RemoteApp’s RADC web feeds functionality in order to remotely connect to it from Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and/or Windows devices that don’t/can’t have the Launchpad installed on them.

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Managed to get the RDAC web feeds going and it’ll work on Macs but windows machines still get gateway identity errors.  Is there any way to get around this issue?

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It appears that Anywhere Access/Remote Web Access isn’t properly setup/configured on your server with a trusted SSL certificate that exactly matches your server’s Internet domain name. Please see the “Successful Connections Require Proper RWA Set Up!” section of the following web page for more information on how to resolve that issue:

Connecting From Mac/iOS/Android/Windows Phone/Windows RT Computers and Devices

See also:

Secure Remote Web Access

Understand Microsoft personalized domain names

Once you have Anywhere Access/Remote Web Access properly setup/configured, simply update the RADC web feeds once again in order to use the updated information within the web feeds.

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So if there’s no way to get around the SSL issue, the product won’t work for us.  This is just for local access to remote desktop for non-domain, windows clients to quickbooks only.  If you’re telling us we can’t do it that’s fine.

How do we move to get a refund?

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As per the “Refunds and Exchanges” section of our Policy page, you can request a full refund for your purchase as long as it has been less than 30 days from the original purchase date. To request a refund, simply contact us via the Email Support page.

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I am also having the same problem with RADC.  We have an app we would like to access remotely, but when adding the url to remote app access on Windows 7, it says the URL is invalid. Looking up the error code (event 1004, 0x80040204, 0x0) confirms that the issue is with the URL, but I have checked and it is correct. This is Windows 2016 essentials experience.  The Maven rw and all other remote web access functions correctly with a valid GoDaddy cert and it shows up in IIS for the default web properly . I decided to purchase the product because I wanted to use the RADS and could not test without a purchase.  I dug a little into the IIS folder for RADC and see that two RDC sessions saved to deploy open and try to use a self-signed cert.  Since Remote Desktop Gateway Manager is not available on this machine (hence the purchase of the Maven product) I cannot modify the RD Gateway settings to use a different cert.  I see no way to modify these. Is this the reason for error?  The product is clunky for our usage without this functionality (RADC).

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