Users list is empty, unable to add users


I renamed my 2016 essentials server and after that the users tab in the WSE RemoteApp is empty and I’m unable to add users. ¬†When I attempt to connect using a account that was previously working it fails with “Your user account is not listed in the permission list of the Remote Desktop Gateway”

When I click “Allow User Access” on the right pane, I get an error:


Object reference is not set to an instance of an object

I’ve attempted to uninstall by following the instructions here:

which removed it from the dashboard but when I attempted to re-install it said it was already installed

I then followed the instructions and removed the files and then I was able to install it once again.

However, after finally re-install the same behavior persists with the empty user panel and error when clicking allow user access.

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You CANNOT rename an Essentials server once it has been configured via the “Configure Windows Server Essentials” wizard. Doing so will completely trash the Essentials configuration (hence the issues you’re seeing). You can try putting it back to its original name to see if that fixes things, but more than likely, you’ll need to restore your Essentials server from a recent backup in order to get it back into working condition (you do have server backup enabled on your server now don’t you???).

EDIT: As a last resort, you may want to have a look at the following (although I’ve never tried reinstalling the CA in Essentials, and so I have absolutely no idea if it will actually work for you or not): Cannot rename server

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Interesting, I’d not used essentials before so this is all new.

Yes I do have a backup, well really a VM snapshot, but it was also a new server so I’ll probably just do a re-install with the new name.

Thanks very much for the quick reply!

  • Mike
    Perfect! That’s exactly why I love using VM’s some much… It’s super easy to restore them when you have a snapshot or a copy of the actual VM to resort back to. Great job. ;-)
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