Cannot reinstall WSE RemoteApp 2012 R2



We have been using WSERemoteApp2012R2 for about three years and we upgraded to a lifetime license in February.  I remember it took a day or two before I could upgrade the add-in.  After upgrading, our bookkeeper, who is using the add-in to access QuickBooks, began experiencing the add-in freezing, especially when trying to print.  As a fix, I attempted to remove the add-in from the server and then reinstall it using the latest version, but the add-in now won’t install.

I’m wondering if I botched the upgrade in February and now my license is not being recognized.  The original upgrade link is long expired.  Our bookkeeper cannot access QuickBooks until our WSERemoteApp installation is fixed.  Please help diagnose what is wrong.  Thanks!

The add-in is to be installed on Windows 2012 R2 Standard.  It has the Essentials interface.  The Windows install is fully updated.  The add-in client is running Windows 7 Professional with Service Pack 1.  That install is also fully updated.


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When you say that the add-in won’t install, what exactly happens when you try to install it? Are you getting any error messages or other types of notifications, alerts, etc?

BTW, if the Essentials server is alerting you that the add-in is already installed (when it’s not), then please try the following:

1) Start a standard Remote Desktop connection to your server and sign in as an administrator.

2) Once you are at the administrator’s desktop, open the following folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data\addins

NOTE: The ProgramData folder is a hidden system folder, and so you’ll need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders in order for you to be able to see its contents. That can be done using the “Folder Options” Control Panel applet (via its “View” tab). If you need the exact steps on how to do that, just let me know.

3) In the “packages” subfolder, delete the file named “009ef2c9-1a5c-4564-8156-92b85d9d7705.wssx” (if it exists).

4) In the “msi” subfolder, delete the entire subfolder named “009ef2c9-1a5c-4564-8156-92b85d9d7705” (if it exists).

5) Open the following folder on your server:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data\settingsproviderdata\WEBSERVICESPLATFORM\ADDINS

6) Look through all of the .xml files that are in that folder until you find the one that corresponds to WSE RemoteApp (just double click on the .xml file to open it in the web browser, or you can open it in Notepad, WordPad, etc. and then search its text contents for “WSE RemoteApp” to know that you’ve located the correct .xml file). Once you’ve located the correct .xml file, go ahead and delete it from your server (note that you can also delete its corresponding .bak file as well).

NOTE: This file contains installation information, etc. about the WSE RemoteApp add-in on the server (such as its version number, etc.). It will be automatically recreated the next time you perform an installation of the add-in.

7) Try running the latest version of the “WSERemoteApp2012R2.wssx” (or “WSERemoteApp2012R2.exe“) installer file (directly from the administrator’s server desktop, or from any of your connected client PCs that have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software installed).

Does that get the add-in installed/updated for you?

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