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I am the new IT guy here and I am trying to uninstall and expired trial of WSE RemoteApp.  Since I didn’t install it in the first place, I’m struggling to get it uninstalled and don’t have documentation or experience with the product.

I found an article in the forum that describes how to uninstall, but when I follow the instructions and go to the Server Dashboard, Applications, Add-ins tab, the WSE RemoteApp add-in is not listed.


On the far right side, we have the WSE RemoteApp tab, and that window shows Remote App Programs, listing Quickbooks.  Anything I click on that screen returns a message that our trial has expired.

As noted in the forum post, I can see WSE RemoteApp listed in Windows Add/Remove programs but I cannot get an uninstall option to show up.

Can you help get the product unistalled?


Jeff Jensen

Decker Sports

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Since WSE RemoteApp is not showing up on the Dashboard’s “APPLICATIONS” page, you can try this in order to manually uninstall it:

1. Make sure that the server Dashboard is closed, and that any/all user WSE RemoteApp sessions are signed out. It will also be helpful if all of your client computers are online and connected to your network (and their Launchpad application is signed in and connected to the server).

2. Start a standard Remote Desktop connection to your server and sign in as any user with admin rights.

3. From the admin user’s desktop, open/run the Registry Editor (Regedit.exe) and go to the following registry key branch:


4. Locate the “NoRemove” value and change its value data from 1 to 0.

5. From the admin user’s desktop, open/run the Control Panel’s “Program and Features” applet.

6. Locate the “WSE RemoteApp … Server Add-in Deployment” program in the list of installed programs, and uninstall it.

That should do it. WSE RemoteApp should now be completely removed from your server (and all of the client computers that were online and connected to your network).

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