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Hello Mr. Craven,

in your posts you said, you would not give the WSEE installer to someone else instead of your customers. But you also “strongly recommend” everyone to use it.
Well, I really need it for my Windows Standard 2019 and I even would pay for it. I also would buy for example the work folders add in. Will you give me the WSEE installer than?



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I’m not quite sure what you’re asking/stating here…

From the beginning, we have always made the WSEE Installer available (at no additional charge) to our existing customers. If you own one of our software products, then all you need to do is contact us with the User Name from your existing product license and we’ll gladly provide you with the password that’s needed to download the WSEE Installer. If you don’t currently own one of our software products, then all you need to do is purchase one (including the WSE WorkFolders 2016 add-in), and then contact us with the User Name from your newly purchased license and request access to the WSEE Installer.

Also, in the beginning, there really wasn’t much of a difference between installing WSEE manually and installing it via the WSEE Installer. However, over the last couple of years (or so), the WSEE Installer has evolved greatly (as my understanding of the WSEE installation has expanded) into a MUCH better (convenient, complete, secure, etc.) installation option, and so I now strongly recommend that everyone use it instead. That being said, you are still free to perform the installation manually if you don’t desire to purchase any of our products.

So, I suppose that the short answer to your question here is a simple… Yes, you can receive access to the WSEE Installer if you purchase a copy of the work folders add-in (and then contact us with the User Name from your purchased license and request access to the WSEE Installer).

It took an absolutely astonishing amount of work and effort to figure all of this stuff out (and implement it in the WSEE Installer and WSEE Updater packages for everyone to take advantage of), and so I don’t at all feel that rewarding our customers (who have supported us by purchasing our products) with access to the WSEE Installer is the wrong thing to be doing here. And anyone who feels that it is, is simply free to do the installation manually for themselves (using the information that I’ve freely given away to everyone).

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