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Is the 21 day trial feature limited? I’m trying it out for a client, but I’m not sure if there’s a configuration issue or it’s just a locked-out feature. When I try to enable RADC web feed, I only get one option (enable, which tells me I need a higher license) instead of the four in the screenshots.

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The RADC web feed and multiple simultaneous connections features of WSE RemoteApp are not available during the 21-day trial period. If you want to trial either (or both) of those features, then you will need to go ahead and purchase a license for WSE RemoteApp. That being said… All of our software has a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy, and so if it ends up not working out for you, then you can always just request a full refund (so long as you do so within 30 days of your date of purchase).

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Unfortunately the client wasn’t willing to pay for something that they couldn’t trial, so we went down a different route. I’m now trying to uninstall WSE RemoteApp from the Essentials dashboard, but get an error:

“WSE RemoteApp 1.255.1961.0 cannot be removed

The add-in package was not uninstalled.”

Since this is not an application in the traditional sense, is there another way of removing it?

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If the “WSE RemoteApp” add-in isn’t listed on the “APPLICATIONS” page of the server Dashboard, or if it fails to uninstall from there for whatever reason, then you can do the following in order to uninstall it:

0. Close the server Dashboard.

1. Sign in to the server as an administrator, and from the administrator’s desktop, open the Registry Editor (i.e. right-click on Start → Run → regedit.exe), and go to the following registry key branch:


2. Look through the subkeys of that branch until you find the one that’s for WSE RemoteApp (i.e. locate the one that has a “DisplayName” value of “WSE RemoteApp XXXX Windows Server Solutions Add-in“), and then double-click on its “NoRemove” entry and change it from a 1 to a 0.

3. Open the server’s “Programs and Features” Control Panel applet (i.e. right-click on Start → Control Panel → Programs → Uninstall a program [or → Programs and Features]), locate the “WSE RemoteApp XXXX Windows Server Solutions Add-in” program in the list of installed programs, and then go ahead and uninstall it from there instead.

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Thanks, that did it, although I had to restart the IIS process as it was locking RDweb.log. It was also still showing as an application in the Essentials console, although this time I was able to remove it.

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