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Hi Mike, I am trying to run this on a Windows Server 2016 Essentials edition. When I run the .exe it comes up with a message saying it couldn’t validate the add-in. Does this program enable remoteapp functionality which Microsoft have removed in Windows 2016 Essentials? Thanks

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I’m not exactly sure what’s going on there, but off the top of my head, I suggest that you look at the following suggestions in order to try and resolve the issue:

1. Start a standard Remote Desktop connection to your Essentials server, sign in as an administrator, and then from the administrator’s desktop, open:

Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services

From the Services applet, scroll down the list of available services and ensure that all of the “Windows Server Essentials … Service” services are running on your server (with exception of the “Windows Server Essentials Email Service“). In particular, ensure that the “Windows Server Essentials Management Service” service is running, because if it’s not, then you will indeed receive that particular error message you’re seeing in your attached screenshot.

2. Make sure that you haven’t disabled TLS 1.0 on your Essentials server. Despite the (potential) security risk of having the (now defunct) TLS 1.0 security protocol enabled on a server, many of the Essentials features still require/use it (including the ability to install add-ins). For more info see:


3. Lastly, try downloading the WSE RemoteApp 2016 installer again just to make sure that the download you’re using hasn’t been corrupted in some way (although, I doubt that it is).

EDIT: And yes, as per the WSE RemoteApp add-in’s description, it does indeed provide full RemoteApp functionality to any Essentials-based server.

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Hi Mike

It was the services – many thanks

Quick follow up – can I install the remoteapp on a client which is not joined to the domain (accross a WAN link)? And specify server by IP address?


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Glad to hear that you got it working. Thanks for letting me know.

As for your follow up question…

WSE RemoteApp has two components, a server-side component (i.e. a Dashboard add-in, provider service, etc.), and a client-side component (i.e. a Launchpad add-in). When you install the WSE RemoteApp add-in, it always installs its server-side component onto your Essentials server. It also (optionally) installs its client-side component onto any of your client PCs that have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software (i.e. the Launchpad, etc.) installed on them (assuming that you chose the “On the server and on all of the computers on the network” installation option when you first installed the add-in that is). It does not matter if your client computers are domain joined (across a WAN link) or not, it only matters that they have the Essentials connector software installed on them and are successfully connected up to the Essentials server.

WSE RemoteApp can be used to remotely connect to your published RemoteApp programs (via its gadget and/or webpage that are integrated into the server’s built-in Remote Web Access (RWA) website, or via its RADC web feed feature) without having its client-side component installed on your client computers. However, if you want to locally connect to your published RemoteApp programs from your client computers (via its links that are integrated into the client’s Launchpad and/or the add-in’s desktop/Start menu shortcuts), then you will need to have its client-side component installed onto your client computers.

So, to more directly answer your question… Yes, as long as the client PC that is not joined to the domain has the Windows Server Essentials Connector software installed on it, then WSE RemoteApp’s client-side add-in will get installed on it, and can be used to locally connect to your published RemoteApp programs. Otherwise, you can remotely connect to your published RemoteApp programs from that client by simply connecting to the Essentials server’s built-in RWA website or via its RADC web feed.

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