Server 2022 standard with wsee



running now for some years server 2016E (after WHS and server 2012E) on a hp gen8 microserver.

Have bought a second gen 8, and want to test server 2022 standard with your wsee

so i assume the following:

i download the server 2022 standard iso (dutch), and buy a license

i buy from your company lets say the WSE workfolders basic with lifetime updates for $100,00

then i have a username and can ask you for the wsee iso. With dutch language

when server 22 standard is installed, with all drivers etc, i can run the wsee.

i need a remote acces domain name, like i have now also

and then i can install the wse workfolders.

i guess so far clear, but what if it is running, and i have to reinstall all again? I guess this will happen once or twice?

and what if i decide to not use server 2022 but server 2025 in lets say 6 months? Do i need to buy items again?

i expect gen8 microserver this week, so beginning of january i think i will setup the wsee etc



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Great Answer

I can’t say for sure if Windows Server 2022 will run on a HP MicroServer gen 8 or not. Your best bet there would be to attempt the install and see if it works for you or not. If it does work, then you will indeed be able to install WSEE onto it via the WSEE Installer.

To get access to the WSEE Installer, you can purchase any of our software products (currently our least expensive product offering is $75 USD). Once you’ve done that, you can then send us an email support request (with the “User Name” from the license of your purchased product) and request a license for the WSEE Installer. If you need a language other than English, then be sure to include that information with your support request.

The license for the WSEE Installer allows you to install WSEE onto a single server only (i.e. it is one server install per purchased product). You can however (re)install WSEE onto the same (or different) server as many times as you’d like so long as it is only ever being used on a single server (and it doesn’t matter if the server is running Windows Server 2019, 2022, or 2025). If you want to run WSEE on more than one server, then you would need a separate software product (and hence WSEE Installer) license for each additional server that you wish to run it on.

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Hi Mike,

thanks for answering, i think server 2022 will work on the gen8, as is the 2016 essentials for some years. We use it here at home only for file storage, and client backups.

so i want to experiment with 2022, and my questions were mainly:

can i install workfolders on 2022 server standard or do i need the wsee first to be installed

when reinstalling, so not additional installation, do i need to contact you guys, or does it work again. As i said i want to experiment with server 2022, and i guess i need some re installations.

and for $25,00 extra for workfolders i got lifetime support (until 2027?)



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Since WSE WorkFolders is a Windows Server Solutions (i.e. Windows Server Essentials) add-on, it requires that WSEE be installed on your server in order for it to install and function.

That being said… Work Folders itself is a built-in server role in Windows Server and so you don’t actually need WSE WorkFolders in order to use it on a server that isn’t running WSEE. The only reason you need to use WSE WorkFolders on an Essentials server is because Work Folders is in-and-of-itself a web server (that uses the exact same standard HTTP and HTTPS ports as the Essentials server’s default IIS website), and so it conflicts with Windows Server Essentials and cannot be installed without disrupting the built-in Anywhere Access/Remote Web Access functionality of the server without it.

The WSEE Installer license will automatically reset itself if it has been 3+ days since you last installed, or updated, it on your server. If it has been less time than that, then you will need to contact us and request that the license be manually reset for you.

Yes, for an additional payment you can indeed purchase the lifetime “Update and Support” option for WSE WorkFolders that will allow you to receive updates and/or technical support for the lifetime of the product (which is based on Microsoft’s January 12, 2027 end-of-support date for Windows Server 2016 Essentials).

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