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Wondering how worried should I be about the notation that the multiple sessions function isn’t “officially supported” and that we should backup the server before use?  Is this function stable for basic use or is there something I should be on the lookout for when using this feature?


Also looking at the 5 user license and possibly the “lifetime” support, do you update this often enough that I would need to be concerned with major windows updates breaking the current version?  If there are other considerations or benefits to this package please do elaborate.

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That’s pretty much just a standard-issue warning message. The feature isn’t “officially” supported because it involves a (very tiny) modification made to a single system file (amongst other things). As such, there is always a very slight possibility that Microsoft could drastically change something in the operating system that would prevent it from working properly in the future (hence the warning so you know that up front). And of course having a backup of your server (especially before making any changes to it) is always a good practice.

That being said… The feature is pretty much rock solid. It has been in use in nearly all of my products for well over a decade now (i.e. since the early days of Windows Server 2003 at least!). On very rare occasions (i.e. less than a handful of times in the long history of my products), an operating system update has disrupted the feature. But in all of those cases its functionality was completely restored within a few hours of discovery. Therefore, there could be times when you would need to install the latest version of the product in order to resume full functionality of some of its features. In general, it’s very rare that a Windows Update ever disrupts/breaks any of my products, but in full disclosure, it has happened a few times over the years. Hence, the reason I have renewable (or lifetime) updates and support offerings for my products.

All of my products receive regular updates (with improvements, enhancements, bug fixes, security enhancements, brand new features, feature changes, etc., etc.). In fact, some may argue that they are updated maybe too frequently. However, I am fully committed to the products and I am constantly updating them (as I have been for many, many, years now).

As for other considerations or benefits… The quality and usefulness of my products speak for themselves. That’s why I offer a long 21-day evaluation period, and then a further 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy after your initial purchase, on all of my products. Therefore, I suggest that you install it and give it a go to see how well it works for you. As always, I more than welcome feedback on my products (both good and bad).

Thanks for your interest in my software.

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