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Hi Guys

I’m fairly new to Windows server management. I was wondering how can I install the client side application for the WSE Remote App 2016 to remote clients who are not part of the Windows 2016 Server domain?

Is there a standalone installer for that?

The only way I’ve been able to get the client side software installed is to join the client machine to the domain then the software gets installed, but I’m going to have users that are not part of the domain who need to connect to the server to make use of the Remote applications.


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It doesn’t matter if your client computers are domain joined or not. The only thing that matters is if they have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software (i.e. the Launchpad, etc.) installed on them. Any client computer that has the server’s Launchpad application installed on it will automatically receive WSE RemoteApp’s client-side components (assuming that you choose the option to install the add-in on your network computers when you initially installed/updated it that is).

If your client computers are not connected to the server (i.e. if they don’t have the Windows Server Essentials Connector software installed on them), then you cannot take advantage of WSE RemoteApp’s local connections. Rather, you would need to remotely connect from those client computers instead using either the server’s built-in Remote Web Access website (for which WSE RemoteApp provides a gadget on its homepage), or the add-in’s RADC web feeds functionality.

Basically, WSE RemoteApp offers three ways for your users to connect to the RemoteApp programs that you have published:

  1. Locally via the Launchpad (or desktop/Start menu shortcuts).
  2. Remotely via the Remote Web Access website.
  3. Remotely via the RADC web feeds.
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