Multiple Simultaneous Connections

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The underlying operating system in Windows Server Essentials allows a maximum of two simultaneous Remote Desktop connections to the server. A direct result of this is that only two allowed users can be connected to WSE RemoteApp, WSE Office, WSE Outlook, WSE QuickBooks and/or WSE Quicken at exactly the same time.

If two active remote connections already exist on the server when an allowed user signs in to the add-in, they will receive a (sometimes hard-to-read) message from the server asking them to select a user to disconnect so that they can sign in:


To work-around this two concurrent users limitation of your server, you can enable the add-in’s “multiple simultaneous connections” feature as follows:

IMPORTANT: Enabling multiple simultaneous connections is optional, and NOT OFFICIALLY SUPPORTED. The customer fully assumes all risk, responsibility, and liability associated with enabling multiple simultaneous connections to their server. It is recommended that a server backup be performed before enabling multiple simultaneous connections. See the following web page for more information on configuring server backup, running server backup, and recovering the server: Manage Backup and Restore in Windows Server Essentials

1. Select “Dashboard” from the Launchpad application and sign in to open the server Dashboard application.

2. Click on the add-in’s name in the navigation pane, and then click on “Enable Simultaneous Connections“.

NOTE: The “Enable Simultaneous Connections” feature is only available after the add-in has been registered. The feature is not available in the 2 user Student Edition.


3. If you fully understand and agree to the specified terms, click Yes in order to enable multiple simultaneous connections to your server:


4. A server restart is required to finish enabling multiple simultaneous connections:


Clicking Yes will restart the server after 30 seconds:


Clicking No will remind you that multiple simultaneous connections will not be enabled until the server has been restarted:


5. After the server restarts, you can verify that multiple simultaneous connections have been enabled by clicking on the “Enable Simultaneous Connections” task again:


Multiple users can now be connected to WSE RemoteApp, WSE Office, WSE Outlook, WSE QuickBooks, and/or WSE Quicken at the exact same time (up to the user limit of your license and/or the performance limits of your server/network).

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