WSEE affected by Microsoft Server updates?


Installed WSEE at a client back in January of 2021. Worked great! However, Server has not been updated for a while (not since about June of 2022).

Question: Anything I should be aware of that could affect WSEE if I go ahead and apply all outstanding updates to the Server? Don’t want to break anything :^)

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I assume that you mean that you’ve installed WSEE onto Windows Server 2019/2022 via our WSEE installer… If so, then since Windows Server 2019/2022 does not natively contain the WSEE server role, the odds of any installed Windows Update busting WSEE is fairly low I would say.

As of this writing, it’s definitely safe (and strongly recommended) for you to go ahead and install all of the latest Windows Updates onto your server. We closely monitor the Windows Updates that are released for Windows Server 2019/2022, with WSEE installed via our WSEE Installer, and would quickly release an update for WSEE (via our WSEE Updater program) should we happen to notice any issues arise there.

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Thanks Mike! Yes, WSEE was installed on Server 2019 via WSEE Installer. I’ll checkpoint and install the Server updates and WSEE updater as well. Is there a preferred order (WSEE updater, then Server updates or vice/versa)?

  • Mike
    You shouldn’t need to run the WSEE Updater on your server unless the server Dashboard is telling you that an update for WSEE is available. If there is a WSEE update available, then I’d go ahead and install that first, and then apply the Windows Updates to your server after doing that. Although, it probably doesn’t really matter the order in which you install them though.
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