WSE2016 RemoteApp version 1.255.1700.0


The new version has removed the remote apps from the system tray menu.  Now, I have to open the RemoteApp selection, select the application, and the box closes on its own.  Is there a way to make it show the available remote apps like the previous version?

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Yes, it’s in the “What’s New?” release notes:

NOTE: The ability to add the list of published RemoteApp programs to the WSE RemoteApp Launcher‘s context menu has been depreciated seeing as this would sometimes result in an uncaught Win32Exception exception (Error creating window handle.) being thrown when the user clicked on the notification area icon in order to show the context menu. Users should now access all published RemoteApp programs directly from the main launcher window instead.

It was a really hard fought battle on this one, but I lost… After spending nearly three days trying to fix/work around the problem, I finally had to admit defeat, and remove the feature altogether I’m afraid. I’ll keep thinking about it/looking at it, and if I can ever figure out what’s causing the crashes, then I’ll fix it, and add the feature back in again.

Build 1700/1701 was a HUGE release with lots of new features, changes, fixes and enhancement. Something within all of that is triggering the crashes, but I’ll be damned if I can figure out what it is. I’ve tried rolling everything back to square one, but still couldn’t get rid of the crashes under every scenario. In the end, I simply gave up and removed the feature entirely. I guess you just can’t win them all.

Sorry for the inconvenience on this one.

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FYI… I’ve just released Version 1.255.1706.0 in which I’ve now added back in the functionality that was removed from the prior build. However, instead of adding it back to the existing “right-click” notification area icon context menu, I’ve created a brand new “left-click” context menu that now displays the list of published RemoteApp programs instead (i.e. from now on you can just left-click the icon to see the list of published RemoteApps instead of right-clicking on it as you previously did).

This was the only way that I could find to resolve the issue with the uncaught exceptions/crashes. However, I think that things actually work out much better this way seeing as it’s a lot cleaner having the list of published RemoteApps completely separate from all of the other program settings, etc. Otherwise, the context menu would become very unwieldly when you had a large number of published RmeoteApps.

In addition, I’ve now added in a cap/limit of having a maximum number of 20 unassigned RemoteApps and/or program groups being added to the new left-click context menu (in order to conserve resources and screen real estate). If you have more published RemoteApps than that, then a “More RemoteApps…” item will appear within the list. And, when it’s clicked, it will simply open up the main launcher window (for access to those additional RemoteApps).

I hope that works for everyone. I myself think that it’s a decent compromise.

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