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I have a client with this installed and as I was performing some weekly updates I noticed WSE RemoteApp hadn’t given me a notification in quite a while about updating.

I looked at the version installed and its 1.255.1939.0.

I looked on your website and see that the current version is 1.225.1945.0 as of May 4th so it doesn’t look like its been too long since it updated?

I looked for options within the app to see if something was turned off for updates but I cannot find anything about turning on/off updates.

Am I missing something?


Steve Irons

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WSE RemoteApp 2016 works under multiple versions of the Windows Server operating system (i.e. Windows Server 2016, 2019, 2022, and vNext). Therefore, some releases of the add-in can be applicable to only specific versions of Windows Server, while others can be applicable to all versions of Windows Server.

Additionally, I sometimes release very minor updates for the add-in that don’t necessarily need to be applied to already installed versions of the add-in. Hence, you may not always get a notification that a newer version of the add-in is available, when your installed version is already “up-to-date” (based upon the version of Windows Server that you’re using it on, etc.).

Of course, you’re always free to manually download the latest update WSE RemoteApp 2016, and install it on your server if so desired (seeing as the current release will always work across all of the different versions of Windows Server that the add-in is applicable to).

As of today’s date, the current release of WSE RemoteApp 2016 for Windows Server 2016 is Version 1.255.1939.0, for Windows Server 2019 and 2022 it’s Version 1.255.1944.0, and for Windows Server vNext it’s Version 1.255.1945.0.

Lastly, the changelog for WSE RemoteApp 2016 can be downloaded from here (if you’d like to know what’s changed between the various released versions of the add-in):

What’s New in WSE RemoteApp 2016

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Thanks for the explanation. I guess I wasn’t aware of how you have the updates setup for newer server releases, or I forgot, which is highly likely!

I appreciate the quick response.


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