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Has anyone come up with a way to automate checking for and installing updates?

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I’m not quite sure that I’m following you on this one seeing as our WSE RemoteApp product has always had automatic update capability built into it since its inception.

Whenever an update is available for WSE RemoteApp, a health alert will be automatically generated (and optionally emailed to you) via the Essentials server’s built-in Health Report Add-In feature. Additionally, you will receive an alert when opening the server Dashboard, and all of the add-in’s About dialog boxes will inform you of the update being available as well.

It is then left up to you (the server administrator) to decide if you want to go ahead and manually download and install the update from there (i.e. the updates themselves are never force installed onto the server automatically – for obvious reasons).

Other than that, if you’re asking if there’s a way to have WSE RemoteApp alert you when an update to the program that you’ve published as a RemoteApp program becomes available, then the answer to that question would be no. Something like that would (and should) always be left up to the manufacturer of the program itself.

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