Update removed client connector, wont reinstall


This morning I opened the server dashboard to check some backup settings, and as usual remote app came up saying an update available, continued with the update, and then came up with an error that it failed (cannot remember the error).

Anyway, remote app appears to be working (still at version 1.255.1278.3) as users can login from the web. However it seems the client connector on all the local machines has been removed and I cannot get it to reinstall. I’ve tryed “Install on clients” from the dashboard and it says it will be installed but it does not seem to happen.

I have also tryed closing and reopening the dashboard hoping remoteapp will detect there is updates to be installed, but it is not. Hoping to fix this without having to reinstall it.

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Please try the following to see if it helps resolve the issue for you:

1) Start a standard Remote Desktop Connection to your server and sign in as an administrator.

2) Once you are at the administrator’s desktop, open the following folder:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data\addins

NOTE: The “ProgramData” folder is a hidden system folder, and so you’ll need to enable the viewing of hidden files and folders in order for you to be able to see its contents. That can be done using the “Folder Options” Control Panel applet (via its “View” tab). If you need the exact steps on how to do that, just let me know.

3) In the “packages” subfolder, delete the file named “009ef2c9-1a5c-4564-8156-92b85d9d7705.wssx” (if it exists).

4) In the “msi” subfolder, delete the entire subfolder named “009ef2c9-1a5c-4564-8156-92b85d9d7705” (if it exists).

5) Open the following folder on your server:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data\settingsproviderdata\WEBSERVICESPLATFORM\ADDINS

6) Look through all of the .xml files that are located within that folder until you find the one that corresponds to WSE RemoteApp (i.e. just double click on the .xml file in order to open it in the web browser, or you can open it in Notepad, WordPad, etc. and then search its text-based contents for “WSE RemoteApp” to know that you’ve located the correct .xml file). Once you’ve located the correct .xml file, go ahead and delete it from your server (note that you can also delete the corresponding .bak file as well).

NOTE: This file contains installation information, etc. about the WSE RemoteApp add-in on the server (such as its version number, etc.). It will be automatically recreated the next time you perform an installation of the add-in.

7) Try running the latest “WSERemoteAppXXXX.wssx” (or “WSERemoteAppXXXX.exe”) installer file again (directly from the administrator’s desktop).

NOTE: Be sure to choose the “On the server and on all of the computers on the network” install option when prompted by the installation wizard. As doing so will cause the add-in to be re-installed onto all of your client computers again.

Does that help any?

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I tried the steps above and no luck, I had two clients online at that time and none of them got the WSE RemoteApp installed.

Any help would be appreciated.

I just upgraded to Windows Server 2016 Datacenter and bought a new license for WSE RemoteApp. It used to work on Windows Server 2012 R2.


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