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We have a license of WSE RemoteApps 2012 R2.
The license is under <<removed from public view by admin>>

Do you have a email notification to users of updates besides in the app on the Server Essentials 2012 R2 Dashboard?

Because I don’t see that notification until I logon to server.

If you do please add my email address to that list.

  • Michael Effertz asked 7 years ago
  • last edited 7 years ago
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As per our [privacy statement][1], we do not collect our customer’s email addresses for contact purposes (not even to notify them of available updates).

However, in the latest versions of all of our products, users now receive a subtle notification whenever an update is available for the product via the addition of a blue exclamation point/mark overlayed onto the product’s existing notification area icon (for example: ![WSE RemoteApp’s update available notification][2]). There’s also an “***Update available!***” item that gets added to the notification area icon’s right-click context menu (clicking on the menu item allows you to download the update). This way, you always get notified of new updates without ever needing to actually open and sign in to the server Dashboard application.

In addition, any user that has been granted permission to see network health alerts will receive a prompt alerting them that an update is available whenever they first sign in to the product (locally via the Launchpad). The “*see network health alerts*” permission is granted to a user by opening the server Dashboard, going to the “*USERS*” page, double-clicking on the user, and then checking the “*User can view network health alerts*” checkbox located on the “*General*” tab of the “*Properties for User*” window that appears.

[1]: https://www.TheOfficeMaven.com/privacystatement
[2]: https://www.TheOfficeMaven.com/images/wsera16_tray_info.ico

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