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When I try to sign into quickbooks, a window pops up and says Launchpad sign in is required although I am already signed in. If I click on the open launch pad button, it will not accept login info. If I sign out of Launchpad, and log on using the QuickBooks connector icon, I get right into QuickBooks.

Another problem I am having is signing a second user into the company file. I go through several steps until I get to putting the Admin password in. Although the Admin password works on my laptop, it isn’t accepted on the second users laptop.

Any help or ideas on this problem would be appreciated.



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The “Launchpad sign in required” prompt is only displayed if the add-in cannot connect to its provider service that is running over on the server. The most typical scenario for that happening is if the user hasn’t signed in to the Launchpad yet (hence the prompt to sign in to the Launchpad). However, if you’ve already successfully signed in to the Launchpad (and are not just using it in “offline” mode), then something else must be preventing the add-in from being able to access/communicate with its provider service that’s running over on the server…

– Have you tried rebooting the client computer (just to see if that shakes things loose for you)?

– Is the client computer domain joined to the server? If not, are you using a local account or a Microsoft account when you sign in to the client computer?

If you’re using a local account, then make sure that the user name and password that you’re using to sign in to the client computer exactly matches the user name and password of one of the user accounts that you have set up over in the server Dashboard application (as doing so will allow the Launchpad to automatically sign in to the server as that particular user account).

As for your other problem… You must have QuickBooks running in its “multi-user” mode (i.e. from the QuickBooks “File” menu, select “Switch to Multi-user Mode“), and have a multiple user license (that you purchased) from Intuit in order for more than one user to be able to access the exact same company file (at exactly the same time). That behavior has nothing to do with WHS/WSE QuickBooks / WHS/WSE RemoteApp, but is simply a licensing limitation/requirement of QuickBooks itself.

For more information see:

About multi-user QuickBooks

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