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I had some issues on my server essentials (2016 Essentials in place migration 20 Server 2019, then applied the WSEE Installer package )

Everything seemed fine, however the VPN access did not work.

After some reinstalling / migrating domain controller (PDC) back and forwards everything is working, including VPN, Anywhere access, client backup etc. however the server essentials server itself does not appear in the devices tab, so I can no longer use anywhere access to remote desktop to it!

Client Computers still show, but no Server items

Any ideas how to add the server itself back to devices?

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Hmm… I’m afraid I’ve never come across that particular issue before. I’ve seen the client computers go missing from the Devices tab of the server Dashboard (which can usually be fixed by simply reconnecting the clients to the server again), but I’ve never seen a case where the primary Essentials server has gone missing from the Devices tab. Thus, I’m not exactly sure what can be done to correct that issue other than a restore from backup or a completely new WSEE install.

More than likely, something has become corrupted in the “DevicesInfo.xml” file that Essentials uses to store the list of Devices (which is located in: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Data). Perhaps you can try restoring that file from one of your recent server backup sets (assuming that you have server backup enabled on your Essentials server that is, which I STRONGLY suggest that EVERYONE does!), or from the existing “DevicesInfo.xlm.bak” file.

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