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Hello Mike

I know that you prefer to buy Server 2019 Standard to install WSEE
But if I install Server 2019 Essentials is it possible to install WSEE with your msi ?
For a smal business unit it’s to expensive to buy server standard, rds and user CAL.
If I buy server essentials here in switzerland it costs ~$320.00
If I need to buy server standard, rds and user cals it costs ~$1500.00

Thanks for your help.
Best regards

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Good Answer

First off, don’t fret about the silly CALs.

Secondly, it’s not that I “prefer” you to use Windows Server 2019 Standard (or Datacenter) over (the abomination that is) the Windows Server 2019 Essentials SKU, it’s more because Microsoft has completely removed all of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server roles from the 2019 Essentials SKU, and so the Remote Desktop Gateway server role isn’t available for use by the Anywhere Access/Remote Web Access features of Essentials.

When I attempt to run the WSEE Installer on the 2019 Essentials SKU, the Windows Server Essentials Configuration wizard ultimately fails with a fatal error (which is most likely due to the missing RD Gateway server role on the SKU). I can work around the fatal error with some trickery, but the Dashboard runs super slow, and a lot of its main functionality just doesn’t work at all (such as the Anywhere Access/Remote Web Access/Virtual Private Network features, server backup, etc.). It’s a big mess IMHO, and so I have now physically blocked the WSEE Installer from being able to run on the Essentials SKU.

Of course you can still attempt to install WSEE manually on the Essentials SKU (and deal with all of the issues that pop up along the way), but it just doesn’t work well enough for me to feel comfortable letting the WSEE Installer run on it I’m afraid.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you on this one.

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Thanks for your time and answer mike.

So I’ll inform my customer to use Server 2016 Essentials

I do an offer now and I hope that I can win it.

Best regards


  • Mike
    That sounds like a good plan to me. If it’s for a customer, then it’s probably best to give them 2016 Essentials anyway seeing as it’s an officially supported platform from Microsoft (until January 12, 2027).
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