Removing WSEE from Server 2022`


Hi.  I eventually realised the only part of WSEE I was really using was the client backup portion.  I’ve replaced this with Veeam Windows Agent.  So now the question.  How do I remove the WSEE from Server 2022, without having to do a completely new installation of Server 2022.

All the online references I’ve found refer to removing WSEE via the add/remove roles and features wizard, but as WSEE was never part of Server 2022 WSEE doesn’t appear in the list of removable features.  Is it as simple as running the WSEE cleanup program on your site?

Or is this a path fraught with dangers?

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Personally, you’re MUCH better off just starting over from scratch with a brand new/clean Windows Server installation, or by restoring from backup back to a point in time before you very first installed WSEE onto your server.

That being said… You can indeed uninstall WSEE from your server by doing the following (make sure that you have a working backup of your server before doing so just in case you need to get back to where you are now if something happens to go wrong during the uninstall process):

1. Locate and then run the following program/cleanup wizard on your server:


2. Open the Control Panel’s “Programs and Features” applet on your server.

3. Locate and then select the existing “Windows Server Essentials Experience” program, click on the “Change” button, and then uninstall it from the wizard that appears.

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Thanks for that Mike.  I’ve decided to go the reinstall route rather than trying to remove WSEE directly.

  • Rob Manderson answered 2 years ago
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