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I’m working on a system that uses WSE RemoteApp, with which I’m not very familiar (yet).

The shortcut that we use to connect has generally been working properly until now.  When you click on it and type in your credentials, you get a message: “The RemoteApp program is no longer published.  For assistance, contact the person who manages the server”.

There are three things that I’ve done that may have caused this:

  1.  Updated WSE RemoteApp
  2. Viewed the properties of the RemoteApp in the manager, didn’t change anything, but hit “OK” rather than “Cancel” when I finished
  3. Restarted Remote Desktop Services

I tried re-publishing the application (QuickBooks), but it says that it’s already published and will overwrite it.  I cancelled the re-publishing.

The problem isn’t fatal as they can just double-click on the icon in the Launcher to get to QuickBooks, but I’d like to skip that step.

What caused this and how do I resolve it?


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WSE RemoteApp updates the unique ID (GUID) that is associated with a published RemoteApp program whenever a change has been made to its properties (i.e. whenever an administrator makes a change to it from within the server Dashboard application – which you did via your #2 above). Therefore, if your user is using a shortcut that was manually copied over to a unique location on their client PC, then they will need to replace it with an updated copy of the shortcut that has the most recent GUID for the published RemoteApp program.

To accomplish that, sign in to WSE RemoteApp by clicking on the “WSE RemoteApp Launcher” shortcut that is located on the client computer’s desktop. Once you have successfully signed in to WSE RemoteApp, it will automatically update all of the shortcuts located within the “RemoteApp Programs” folder that has been added to the client computer’s desktop (note that this is a bit of a chicken/egg conundrum seeing as you need to actually sign in to WSE RemoteApp in order for it to be able to update the shortcuts that are added to the Launchpad and/or the “RemoteApp Programs” folder). Once you’ve done that, you can then just open up the “RemoteApp Programs” folder, locate the updated shortcut for the published RemoteApp program of interest (i.e. QuickBooks, etc.), and then copy it to wherever you’d like on the client computer (overwriting the one that no longer works, etc.).

BTW, for this reason, it’s probably better to train your users to always open their published RemoteApp programs directly from the Launchpad, or from the “RemoteApp Programs” folder (instead of from a shortcut that has been manually copied over to another location).


EDIT: Note that this also applies if the user is connecting via a .RDP file that was saved out from the server’s Remote Web Access website. In that case, they’d just need to save out a newer copy of the .RDP file (that has the updated GUID for the published RemoteApp program) and overwrite the existing one with it.

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Thanks!  That all makes sense now.

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