Question WSEE without any of 2 add-ons


I’m wondering if I need to install the add-ons at all if I only want WSEE.

If I can, then which of the add-ons is the path of less resistance?

I already have 2022 standard version in stalled. I also used GitHub WSEE version installed on a clean server. The question is. When I get your WSEE can I just upgrade or will I need a fresh install?


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You do not need to install any add-ins in order to use WSEE.

That GitHub version of WSEE is a complete mess… It was taken from my old manual install instructions (with absolutely no credit whatsoever given to me) and it is missing many critical components of WSEE (files, security settings, registry settings, features, etc., etc.). It also has no way of being updated once it’s been installed. Personally, I would stay FAR away from it. If you’ve already used it, then you should wipe out your server and start over from scratch with a brand new clean Windows Server installation and then use the WSEE Installer to properly install WSEE onto your server.

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Does WSEE support windows 11?

  • LG71
    I meant to backup windows 11 laptops.
  • Mike
    Ah… Yes, it most certainly will backup Windows 11 computers.
  • LG71
    Does “WSE RemoteApp (Student Edition)” qualify for WSEE? Thanks
  • Mike
    Yes, any product we sell (or have sold in the past) qualifies you for free access to the WSEE Installer.
  • LG71
    “WSE RemoteApp (Student Edition)” Is it really sold out?
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