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Can anyone comment on what is required in the way of RDS CAL’s and Office licensing with WSE RemoteApp, when used with Server Standard and the WSE Role installed?

I’ve done a cursory search through the forum and Q&A sections, and don’t see any discussion on licensing, and if I were to look at WSE RemoteApp for a client, I would want the licensing to be ‘above board’ for all the obvious reasons.

Also, will WSE RemoteApp work with more than 2 sessions if RDS is enabled (and without using the ‘multiple simultaneous connections’ workaround)? Again, I’d want to be fully compliant with licensing with Microsoft, and wouldn’t want a future server patch to break the workaround.




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In order to work its magic, WSE RemoteApp utilizes the underlying “Essentials” functionality that is built into the Essentials server itself (or that is installed as part of the Windows Server Essentials Experience server role under Server Standard, Datacenter, etc.). WSE RemoteApp does not install any of the Remote Desktop Services (RDS) server roles onto your server (nor does it change the out-of-box Essentials configuration in any way), and so there isn’t any place to enter in CALs even if you wanted to (and WSE RemoteApp will actually refuse to run if the full gamut of RDS server roles have been installed on the server seeing as doing so wreaks havoc with the default Essentials configuration).

That being said, if someone wants to purchase user and/or RDS CALs (and keep them tucked away in a desk drawer) in order to satisfy licensing requirements, then that is certainly their prerogative, and we would never discourage them from doing so. It is simply left up to the end user to determine the licensing needs of their server and installed/published applications.

As for your other question… The out-of-box configuration of an Essentials server only allows two concurrent remote sessions with the server. If you do not want to use the provided ‘multiple simultaneous connections’ feature, then the only other way for you to get around that limitation would be for you to setup a completely separate application server that is running the full gamut of RDS server roles (and deal with all of the extra hassle and expense that goes along with it).

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