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Windows Server Essentials 2016 fresh install and forgive me here but I’m failing to understand how it is I find/install the Launcher app on the client side?  I’m running the trial version of the software so far and have it installed with the users access granted from the dashboard as well as sharing 1 program.

Also, even though my users are “standard” and that is reflected checking their assigned permissions I can indeed remote desktop in with each of them now and they have full admin permissions?

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WSE RemoteApp’s client-side connector software should get automatically installed onto all of your client computers that have the Windows Server Essentials Connector (i.e. the Launchpad, etc.) installed on them. That’s assuming that you choose the option to do so when you very first installed WSE RemoteApp onto your server (via its installation wizard).

If for some reason the client-side connector is not getting installed on your client computers, then you can do the following in order to force it to get installed:

1. Make sure that your client computers are on your local network and are connected to your Essentials server.

2. Open the server Dashboard and go to the “APPLICATIONS” page.

3. Select (highlight) “WSE RemoteApp” in the list of installed add-ins, click on the “Install the add-in on network computers” task, and follow the prompts.

That should do it.

As for the permissions issue you’ve mentioned… I’m not sure that I’m following you on that one. WSE RemoteApp never changes a user’s access rights from standard to Administrator. And it is highly recommended that you only ever allow your standard users access to WSE RemoteApp (for network security reasons).

Additionally, WSE RemoteApp has a feature called “Shell Locker” that prevents standard users from being able to remotely connect to their full server desktop (as most administrators consider doing so a security risk for their network). Therefore, when a standard user attempts to remotely connect to their full server desktop, WSE RemoteApp’s Shell Locker feature will prompt the user to enter admin credentials before allowing them to continue. You can of course bypass Shell Locker for selected users if desired though (via the “Server Access Settings” task that’s located on the “WSE REMOTEAPP” page of the server Dashboard).

So… If you’d care to elaborate a bit more on the permissions issue you’re having, I’ll be more than happy to try and get you a better answer on that one.

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