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Hi Mike, quick question… I realize the core idea behind Work Folders is Internet access to on-premises company data, but is there a way ensure that a locally attached Work Folders client always syncs over the LAN vs. over the Internet, perhaps using an intranet URL?  We have limited upload bandwidth, and I would prefer to bypass the round trip through the router for hard-wired machines. It isn’t clear to me if or when the Work Folders URL will resolve to a local IP address, as our syncs appear to be taking a very long time in some cases.


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As far as I am aware… Work Folders is a web server, and as such, it performs its duties over a HTTP/HTTPS WAN connection. Thus, I’m not currently aware of any way to force it to use an internal LAN connection (and if it is indeed possible, then I’ve simply not come across that before, and I’ve certainly not set up WSE WorkFolders to work in that fashion). Doing a quick Internet search revealed only this one hit for me:

Work folders without support for synching over the Internet – LAN use only

Other than that… There is a “Storage at Microsoft” blog post that discusses how to limit Work Folders client bandwidth (via Group Policy) if upstream bandwidth usage is a problem for your network, but I’ve never tried/tested it with WSE WorkFolders before, and so I have no idea if it will actually work or not:

How to limit Work Folders client bandwidth

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you on this one.

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