I don't see a purchase option for Essentials for 2022


Question: I don’t see a purchase option to buy Essentials for Server 2022?

Question 2: When I do purchase will I still be required to purchase CAL’s for each user?

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While Microsoft does technically offer a “Windows Server 2022 Essentials”, it’s devoid of the “Windows Server Essentials Experience” (WSEE) server role that everyone knows, and loves, from Windows Server 2016 Essentials. Rather, it’s just a copy of Windows Server 2022 Standard with more restrictive licensing (and with no WSEE server role). We do have a “WSEE Installer” that makes it super easy for folks to install the “Essentials bits” from Windows Server 2016 Essentials onto Windows Server 2022 (Essentials/Standard/Datacenter), but we do not sell it (seeing as the “Essentials bits” it installs are not ours to sell). It is simply made available, at no additional charge, to purchasers of our software products. For all of the details about the WSEE Installer, please read through the following “how to” article that’s posted on our website here.

As for CALs… See my comments about using them with WSEE over here.

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Thank you for your keen insight.

Based on your info, I think it’s more practical to purchase Windows Server 2022 Standard addition (Not Essentials) and purchase WSE Work Folders and WSE Remote App and install long with WSEE installer?

Question 1: By taking the above approach, I presume it will provide me with all the functionally of Server 2016 Essentials in the Server 2022 version?

Question 2: I assume I must install WSEE prior to installing WSE Work Folders and WSE Remote App?

  • Mike
    Answer 1: Yes it will. Basically, the WSEE Installer just takes all of the “Essentials bits” from Windows Server 2016 and properly installs and configures them on Windows Server 2022 for you (where they then work exactly the same as they do under 2016). Answer 2: Yes, that is correct. WSE RemoteApp and WSE WorkFolders are Windows Server Solutions add-ins, and so they require that the “Essentials bits” be properly installed and configured on the server in order for them to be installed and function properly.
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