How to uninstall WSE WorkFolders client?


Hello, we’ve been trialing the WSE WorkFolders product with our WSE 2016 network.  I noticed recently when I had to remove a PC from our network that there was no means to uninstall the WSE WorkFolders client component from Windows 10 version 1809. Both in Control Panel and in Settings, the relevant “uninstall” options were grayed out / inactive / missing.

I assume this is unexpected.  Is there something we are missing? Can you suggest anything that might resolve this?

Thank you.

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Actually, that is completely expected, and is “by design”. The reason for this is that you don’t really want your users being able to easily uninstall the WSE WorkFolders client component from their computers since it is what implements the revocation of access to their work files should the client computer be compromised as is discussed here:

Revoke Access to Work Files on Compromised Computers

That being said… The WSE WorkFolders client component “should” get uninstalled automatically whenever you uninstall the WSE WorkFolders add-in from the Essentials server (i.e. when you uninstall the add-in via the “APPLICATIONS” page of the server Dashboard), or whenever you uninstall the Windows Server Essentials Connector software (i.e. the Launchpad, etc.) from the client computer. If not, then please feel free to contact us via a private support message and I can give you further instructions on how to remove it from the client.

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Ah, I see. I had considered that this might be a possibility, but I did not want to uninstall the server component to test for this.

Thank you Mike.

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