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I really like your solution, and I will build a 2019 server with it!

But I have one issue… I need to give the remote desktop users an other language than the server… I start out with an English evaluation, I activate via an purchased DSP license! And have to choose which WSE remote app solution I have to purchase here?

  1. What would I need to get all things up and running,
    so I need 1 2019 std server (built form evaluation version)
  2. do I need to DISM this one?
  3. Which language WSE msi do I need?

Thank you for your answer, be safe and healthy in these COVID-19 times

  • Ron J. Buitenhuis asked 4 years ago
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Good Answer

Typically, you should always match the language edition of the WSEE Installer to the base language of the Windows Server 2019 installation media that you are using. Therefore, if you are using the English evaluation edition of Windows Server 2019 Standard as your installation media, then you should request access to the English edition of the WSEE Installer.

If your end result needs to be in a language other than English, then you really should use that specific language as your starting point for installing Windows Server 2019 on the server (Microsoft offers many language editions for the installation media of the Windows Server 2019 Standard evaluation), and then request access to the exact same language edition of the WSEE Installer.

That being said… You could try starting with an English install of Windows Server 2019, and then request access to a different language of the WSEE Installer, but I cannot guarantee that it will work (seeing as I haven’t spent any time testing mismatching language editions like that). Just note that you can only request one language edition of the WSEE Installer per license of one of our products (i.e. you cannot purchase one product and then request access to multiple different language editions of the WSEE Installer).

Other than that… The WSEE Installer is 100% plug-n-play. It provides everything you need, and handles everything for you. All you need to do is install a new/clean/fresh instance of Windows Server 2019 Standard (with Desktop Experience) on your server, with no other server roles, features, or applications installed on it, and the WSEE Installer (and Microsoft’s “Configure Windows Server Essentials” wizard) handles everything else from there.

For all the details, check out the main how to guide for installing WSEE on Windows Server 2019 here.

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