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I built a new server with WS Std 2019 and the WSEE role, using your install script. If I join a workgroup machine to the domain then log in using a network ID that already exists on the machine as a local user, it results in a “duplicate” user. One is named “user1” while the other is named “user1.domain.local”.

Is there any way to sign into a machine like that and have the domain user ID linked to the existing local ID? I have all the files backed up on OneDrive so nothing is lost but it’s a pain to reset all of my preferences and sign into services again.


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Hmm.. I’ve never come across that one before, but admittedly, I typically don’t domain join any of our client computers when connecting them to the server (rather, I always use Microsoft’s SkipDomainJoin registry fix to stop that from happening).

I don’t believe that this has anything whatsoever to do with installing WSEE onto Windows Server 2019 (using the WSEE Installer), seeing as all of that behavior is being controlled by Microsoft’s code and not anything that I’m doing in the installer script (i.e. it’s part of the built-in Essentials functionality). Therefore, your best bet at getting that one resolved would be to post your question over on Microsoft’s Windows Server Essentials support forum and see if someone over there has a better answer for you.

That being said… I definitely wouldn’t mention the fact that you’ve installed WSEE on 2019 seeing as that simply won’t go over well in the forum (and you’ll just get criticized for doing so). I’m sure the behavior (bug?) that you’re seeing would be exactly the same under WSEE installed on 2016 (which is fully supported by Microsoft).

I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you on this one.

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