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I purchased a domain name but when i enter it Anywhere access says its not real. is there a work around for this? i am setting up WSE REMOTEAPP.

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I’m not exactly sure what could be going on there seeing as I’ve never come across such an issue before. I have a very detailed “how to” article posted on my website that takes you step-by-step through setting up a custom/vanity domain name in an Essentials server. You can find it over here:

How To Manually Set Up A Custom / Vanity Domain Name In Windows Server Essentials

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I picked a Domain like its says:

The domain name is not valid

the domain name extension is not valid.

Sucks cause I just purchased this 2 weeks ago and had a hella time getting Unifi Dynamic DNS working, Now this…


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Yeah, I don’t think that’s a valid top-level domain extension in Essentials. It looks like you need to use a domain name with a .com or .net top-level domain extension (or a valid country-code top-level domain extension). For more info see:

Manage Remote Web Access in Windows Server Essentials – Choose a domain name

As you’ve said… Sucks, but I’m afraid that’s just the way Microsoft built Essentials. If you search the Internet, you may find a way around that issue, but I’ve never looked into it before, and so I’m not able to provide you with any additional help there I’m afraid. :- (

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