Distribution Groups in WWSE Installer


I have noticed that we are unable to use distribution groups inside WWSE.  When I add a distribution group, it fails to connect to the cloud when I try to add users to the group with the error message “Unable to connect to Office 365 – There is no network connection.  Check if the server is connected to the Internet.”

Any suggestions on fixing this error?  I reinstalled Revision 23 in an attempt to restore this functionality.



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As far as the WSEE Installer goes everything is in place for Distribution Groups (and the rest of the Office/Microsoft 365 features of Windows Server Essentials) to work. Therefore, if they’re not working (or are no longer working), then that’s most likely due to an issue over on Microsoft’s end. Unfortunately Microsoft seems hell bent on not supporting/updating/fixing Windows Server Essentials any longer. They continually seem to break the backend infrastructure of the Essentials online services features and then they take forever to get them working properly again. For this reason, I’ve personally given up on trying to use any of the Azure and/or online services in Windows Server Essentials. Thus, you’ll most likely need to raise the issue with Microsoft directly seeing as there’s not much I can do about it from my end I’m afraid (i.e. everything the features need to work in Essentials are being properly installed and configured by the WSEE Installer AFAIK, and so if they’re not working as expected, then the issue is most likely over on Microsoft’s end). I’m sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you on this one. :- (

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