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Add-in Central is a Windows Home Server V1/2003 add-in and service designed to help you discover and track useful add-ins right from within the Windows Home Server Console. Enhance your Windows Home Server experience by browsing for add-ins by category, keyword, or even by community rated popularity. Useful summaries, screenshots, and documentation links are provided to help guide your search. Once you’ve located an add-in that looks interesting, Add-in Central can automatically download it to your home server and help you along with a hassle-free installation process.



  • Browse for add-ins by category, keyword, or by community rated popularity.
  • Powerful search feature that will allow you to search by author and name.
  • Detailed add-in information ranging from descriptions with full-size screenshots to add-in requirements and support links.
  • Automatic download and zip extraction of many supported add-ins.
  • Simplified add-in installation and one-click add-in update functionality: uninstalls the old version prior to installing the new version of an add-in automatically.
  • Seamless Windows Home Server Console integration: conveniently rate add-ins directly from inside of the WHS console and more.
  • Optimized for performance using clever client-side caching.
  • Anonymous operation ensures no identifiable information is being transmitted.
  • Easy to use customizable user settings and preferences.

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Add-in Central is a joint venture between The Office Maven and Kentdome Technologies. Powered by HomeServerLand’s advanced Windows Home Server add-in repository, Add-in Central delivers real time interactive services to thousands of Windows Home Servers world wide.

Powered By Home Server Land, The Office Maven, & Kentdome

Add-in Central

Platform: Windows Home Server V1/2003
Last Version:

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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