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WHS QuickBooks Settings

I would like to introduce everyone to a new add-in I’ve written for use with the Windows Home Server V1/2003. It’s called WHS QuickBooks, and just as its name suggests, it allows you to use Intuit’s QuickBooks application from your Windows Home Server. If you are already familiar with my WHS Outlook for WHS V1/2003 add-in for the Windows Home Server, then you will feel right at home with WHS QuickBooks since it works in exactly the same way, only with QuickBooks instead of Microsoft Outlook.

Basically, you install a copy of QuickBooks directly onto your Windows Home Server. WHS QuickBooks will then allow you to access the installed copy of QuickBooks using a customized remote desktop connection from the desktop of any client computer that is attached to your work/home network. Or, and perhaps best of all, it will allow you to access the installed copy of QuickBooks from almost anywhere using the Internet Explorer web browser.

WHS QuickBooks is great for keeping track of your books while you are away from work, on a business trip, etc. You get full access to all of the features of QuickBooks, without having to install a copy of QuickBooks on every machine that you want to use it from. Your installed copy of QuickBooks (and all of its data) remains safe, and secure, at work/home on your Windows Home Server while you access it remotely from almost anywhere in the world!

After installing a copy of QuickBooks on your Windows Home Server, and making sure that it is set up and running properly, you then install WHS QuickBooks in your Windows Home Server Console (just as you would any other WHS add-in), enable the type of access you’d like to use (User Accounts access for local access to QuickBooks from all of the client computers across your work/home network, and/or Web Site access for web access to QuickBooks from almost anywhere using just a web browser), and then select which users you would like to be able to use WHS QuickBooks. That’s all there is to it.

More Information, Screenshots, and Download

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available.

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