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If your server is headless and/or doesn’t contain a CD/DVD optical drive, it can be a bit tricky to install an application like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Outlook directly onto it. Here are some steps to help guide you through the process:

1. Select “Dashboard” from the Launchpad application and sign in to open the server Dashboard application.

2. Click on “STORAGE” in the navigation pane.

3. On the “Server Folders” tab, click on the “Add a folder” task in the Tasks pane.

4. Use the Add a Folder wizard that opens to create a new shared folder on your server named “Office Setup Files” and grant the server’s administrator user account read/write access to the folder.

5. Insert the Microsoft Office/Outlook installation CD/DVD and open up an Explorer window so that you can view the contents of the CD/DVD.

6. Select “Shared Folders” from the Launchpad application and open the “Office Setup Files” shared folder that you just created in step #4 above.

7. Copy (drag-n-drop) ALL of the files and folders from your Microsoft Office/Outlook installation CD/DVD into the “Office Setup Files” shared folder.

NOTE: There may be a lot of files that need to be copied over and so this may take a while.

8. Start a Remote Desktop Connection to your server as any user account with administrator privileges.

9. From the administrator user account’s desktop double-click on the “Dashboard” icon to open the server Dashboard application on the server.

NOTE: The server Dashboard application MUST be opened from the administrator user account’s desktop (and NOT from the Launchpad of one of the computers on the network) in order to successfully install Microsoft Office/Outlook directly ON THE SERVER!

10. Click on “STORAGE” in the navigation pane.

11. On the “Server Folders” tab, select/highlight the “Office Setup Files” folder and then click on the “Open the folder” task in the Tasks pane.

12. Locate and run the Microsoft Office/Outlook setup program (i.e. “install.exe“, “setup.exe”, etc.) in order to install Microsoft Office/Outlook directly on your server.

NOTE #1: Any version of Microsoft Office/Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003) may be used, but WSE RemoteApp/WSE Office/WSE Outlook really shines when using Office/Outlook 2013 (or newer).

NOTE #2: Both the 32-bit and the 64-bit versions are supported when using Microsoft Office/Outlook 2010 (or newer).

NOTE #3: If your installation CD/DVD is for Microsoft Office, you can perform a custom install and install only the Microsoft Office application (or applications) you desire (such as Microsoft Outlook, etc.). Otherwise, feel free to install the entire Microsoft Office suite of applications on your server.

NOTE #4: While WSE RemoteApp/WSE Office/WSE Outlook should be able to locate Microsoft Office/Outlook anywhere on the server, it is recommended that you install it to its default/suggested location on the server’s C drive.

NOTE #5: After the Microsoft Office/Outlook installation has completed successfully, you can return back to the server Dashboard application and click on the “Delete the folder” task if you no longer need/want the setup files on your server.

That’s it! You now have a copy of Microsoft Office/Outlook installed directly on your server and you are ready to install and use WSE RemoteApp, WSE Office, and/or WSE Outlook.

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