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Hi I installed the trial version in my Server 2012 R2 Essentials and put the File Storage Location in my Drivepool virtual G: drive and it won’t sync the folders as I am getting the error:’Sync Stopped. A problem occurred’ ‘Incorrect function (0x80070001)’

I googled and noticed someone else had the same error with Drivepool installed so I am contacting you to ask how to change the File Storage Location to my D: drive.



PS I tried fully uninstalling and reinstalling but it defaulted to my G: drive again

  • Chris Williams asked 6 years ago
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Typically, the file storage location cannot be changed once you’ve enabled Work Folders. That being said, you “should” be able to change it as follows:

1. Open the server Dashboard and go to the “WORK FOLDERS” page.

2. Click on the “Enable Work Folders” task and make a note of your current file storage location (e.g. “G:\WseSyncShare”), and then click the “No” button.

3. Click on the “Disable Work Folders” task, make sure that the “Uninstall Work Folders server role” checkbox is unchecked, and then click on the “Yes” button to disable Work Folders.

4. After Work Folders has been successfully disabled, perform a standard Remote Desktop Connection to your Essentials server and sign in as an administrator.

5. From the administrator’s desktop, open File Explorer and then manually move your existing file storage location as desired (e.g. move it from “G:\WseSyncShare” to “D:\WseSyncShare”, etc.).

6. Open the Windows Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and go to the following registry key branch:


7. Double click on the “WseSyncSharePath” value and change its value data to point to the location where you moved the file storage location to (e.g. “D:\WseSyncShare”, etc.).

8. Return to the server Dashboard and click on the “Enable Work Folders” task again.

9. Verify that the file storage location is properly pointing to your new/desired location (e.g. “D:\WseSyncShare”), and then click on the “Yes” button to enable Work Folders again.

That should do it.

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