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While I have owned the software for some years I only recently had the time to get stuck into it, mainly because my 9yo wanted his own minecraft server.  So now it is up and running I am looking to develop its capabilities through plugins and google searches regularly bring me back here.

I like the look of Remote App and want to know if using this I would be able to expose Sharepoint 2013 to the family via a link on the native user page that is available once logged in via remote access login.

I note some of your other apps had been listed as essential for WHS 2011 owners but are now no longer available but I would still like to use them even if they are not supported any longer.  How can I get a copy? Willing to pay……

Any advice please?

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Sadly, WHS RemoteApp 2011 has now reached end of life (since all Windows Server 2008 R2 based server operating systems are no longer being supported/updated by Microsoft). Therefore, I strongly recommend that you upgrade your server to something newer and more secure (such as Windows Server 2016 Essentials). While I myself still absolutely love Windows Home Server 2011, it’s just not worth the security risk of running an unsupported operating system on any server IMHO.

That being said… It’s been a long time since I’ve looked at any of the old SharePoint stuff. I do recall that it used to work just fine with WHS RemoteApp 2011 years ago, but I can no longer say that for certain. You’ll just need to publish it as a RemoteApp program and see how it goes.

As for our older legacy products (such as WHS Office 2011, WHS Outlook 2011, WHS QuickBooks 2011, and WHS Quicken 2011)… They have all been discontinued (a long time ago), and are no longer available for download/purchase seeing as they were all superseded by WHS RmeoteApp 2011. WHS RemoteApp 2011 can do everything those legacy products could do plus a whole lot more. Basically, instead of needing a separate add-in/product for each specific application, WHS RmeoteApp 2011 allows you to publish multiple applications as RemoteApp programs instead (and so there’s no need for the legacy products any longer). Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks Mike.

Appreciate the response.  2011 app is working well.  I will investigate migrating everything to 2016.

Thanks again and stay safe

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