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I have installed the evaluation WSE RemoteApp 2016 on a clients Windows Server Essentials 2016 server and one of the users was curious if there is a setting to change the timeout for the remote connection.

Is that something that can be done within your app or would it have to be done on the server itself?




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I assume that you are talking about the user’s WSE RemoteApp session being locked after being idle for 10 minutes (which is the default timeout setting for all remote connections in Windows Server 2012/2012 R2/2016). If so, then the user can easily change this behavior for themselves from within their WSE RemoteApp session by simply right-clicking on the WSE RemoteApp Launcher notification area icon (which is located in the Taskbar down by their system clock), and selecting Settings -> Lock after from the context menu that appears. From there they can choose to increase the timeout value (or completely disable it by setting the value to “Never“).

NOTE: If the user is running their WSE RemoteApp session from the Microsoft Remote Desktop app on a smartphone, tablet, etc. (i.e. from a device that doesn’t have the Windows Taskbar), then they can still access the Settings context menu by simply opening up the main WSE RemoteApp Launcher window and then clicking (tapping) on the large icon that’s located up in the top left-hand corner of the launcher window. Doing that will display the launcher window’s context menu (i.e. the exact same context menu that displays whenever you right-click on the add-in’s Windows Taskbar notification icon).

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