system folders display in shared folders


I don’t think this is caused by WSE RemoteApp or installing WSEE in 2019 with your tool, but I can’t assume. Feel free to redirect me to a more appropriate resource.

I’ve installed WSEE in Windows Server Std 2019 and moved share folders to a different drive. All of that went okay but, when I view Shared Folders from a client computer as a non-administrator user, system folders like sysvol and Folder Redirection are displayed.

I found some instructions regarding a fix that involve viewing folder properties in the dashboard and revising sharing properties to suppress folders from Remote Web Access, but that doesn’t work, and not all folders are even in the list shown in the dashboard. I don’t see anything pertinent in remote web access setup.

How do I edit display of those folders without adversely affecting system functionality?

I’m comfortable using server manager if what I’m supposed to do is clear.


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As you’ve mentioned, this doesn’t have anything to do with WSE RemoteApp, nor with installing WSEE on Windows Server 2019/2022 (per se). Rather, if I’m understanding you correctly, it’s just a native behavior of the domain controller.

I see that you’ve also posted your question over in Microsoft’s Windows Server Essentials support forum (which is probably a much better place to use in order to receive general support for Windows Server Essentials), and you have received a similar (better) answer over there as well.

system folders display in remote web access

Unless we’re misunderstanding you that is (and if so, then please do provide the exact steps that we’d need to take in order to reproduce the issue you’re seeing).

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