[Server 2022] WSEE dashboard crashes after a few minutes



I have installed WSEE according to your recommendation:
new clean installation Server2022 Standard (build 20348.350, Language: German)
Installing all updates (05.11.)
WSEE Installer (10.0.14393.4169 (Revision 11) Language: German).
Installation of the WSUS role on the server
Additional functions:
– StablebitDrivePool (https://stablebit.com/)
– StableBitScanner (https://stablebit.com/)
– LightsOut (https://www.green-it-software.com)
I disabled these three addins in the dashboard, as they can each be controlled via standalone consoles.

Connecting clients, client backup, user management and server folders work fine.

I now have the problem that the WSEE dashboard always crashes after a few minutes.
You can restart the dashboard – after a few minutes it crashes again.

Name of the faulty application: Dashboard.exe, version: 10.0.14393.4046, timestamp: 0x5f9a3b3c
Name of the corrupted module: KERNELBASE.dll, version: 10.0.20348.350, timestamp: 0x5bab563a

What can I do here?

Thank you and best regards

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Good Answer

I’m afraid that I don’t have any real idea as to what could be causing that to happen (seeing as I’m not able to reproduce the issue over here with a new/clean installation of WSEE on Windows Server 2022).

About all I can tell you to do/try is to have a look in the server’s ‘Logs’ folder to see if you can find a log file (such as Dashboard.log, etc.) that gives you some indication of what’s causing the crashes to happen. You can find the ‘Logs’ folder in the following location on your Essentials server:

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows Server\Logs

If you sort the folder by date modified, the most recent log files will appear at the top of the folder. You can then open them up one-by-one (in any text reader, such as Notepad, etc.) and look though them (with the newest entries being located at the very bottom of the log file).

Other than that, you can also try opening the Event Viewer applet on your server, to see if it happens to show any logged info as to what might be causing the crashes (by looking under Windows Logs -> Applications, etc.).

Best of luck!

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