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I installed windows server essencial but i got one app that must alway run locally. Must access data locally on server too so i installed it on server. But I dont want to run it by network. I planed to use terminal server but i cant with essencial… Can i use your app to run app from computer but that actually access it on server? I seen that we can add user on your app but i didt see that we can add computer. Did terminal server was required??

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Not sure that I’m quite following you on this one… WSE RemoteApp is a Windows Server Essentials add-in that allows your users to run programs that have been installed directly on the Essentials server remotely from any of their computers or devices. So… If you install the application directly on the Essentials server, then your users can indeed use WSE RemoteApp to run that server-installed application from their local computer (as a “RemoteApp“).

Other than that, if you’re saying that you want your users to be able to run the application from the server’s desktop on their local computer, then yes, WSE RemoteApp can do that as well. It has a feature called “Publish server desktop” (which is located on the “RemoteApp Programs” subtab of the main “WSE REMOTEAPP” page within the server Dashboard) that allows you to publish the server desktop as a RemoteApp program for any of your users. Once the server desktop has been published as a RemoteApp program, the users can then simply start a WSE RemoteApp session, and then run their server desktop from the main WSE RemoteApp Launcher window. Once the user’s server desktop is open, they can then launch the application directly from there (instead of running it as a “RemoteApp“).

NOTE: WSE RemoteApp includes a feature called “Shell Locker” that, by default, blocks standard users from being able to access their full server desktop (seeing as most administrators don’t want their users to be able to remotely connect to the server’s full desktop for security reasons). The “Publish server desktop” feature allows select users to be able to bypass the “Shell Locker” feature and access their full server desktop (as a “nested session” from within a normal WSE RemoteApp session).

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