Make a program start in notification area and not in taskbar


I really need a way to make program open in notification area and not in taskbar (or even better invisible…)

The reason its that I use a program that require outlook open to send email but I don’t want user to have access to outlook to easily…

I use WSE remote App 2016 on a windows server 2016


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Sorry, but WSE RemoteApp would have no control over doing something like that I’m afraid. The desktop application that you’re publishing as a RemoteApp program would need to natively support the ability to start itself in (or minimized to) the taskbar’s notification area in order for that to happen.

WSE RemoteApp simply launches the program as a RemoteApp, and then gets out of the way. It has no control whatsoever over how the program’s windows behave (i.e. whether they become visible or not, etc.) once it is running within the RemoteApp session.

Sorry that I don’t have a better answer for you on this one.

EDIT: It looks like Outlook has the ability to hide itself (in the tray) when minimized. I’ve never tried it, but you might be able to enable that setting, and then tell WSE RemoteApp to always hide it from the main Launcher window, and start it minimized (in which case it “should” go to the tray instead of the taskbar). Totally unsupported/untested by me, but hopefully it helps you out some:

Start Outlook minimized or “minimize to tray”

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