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I need some info about exe parameter.

I need to run a exe file: Acomba.exe

this one require a different parameter for each user, for exemple config1, config2…

curently i looked the link on destop provided by your script and it look like this:

“%ProgramFiles%\The Office Maven\WSE RemoteApp\WSERA.Client.exe” /somenumber Acomba

If i want to give a parameter to Acomba.exe for he use it like we usually do in shortcut, how can I?

I think that will be terrible to create on the server a link for every user and publish them all as separate programme…..

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This is how I would approach this one:

1. Start the server Dashboard, go to the “WSE REMOTEAPP” page, and click on the “RemoteApp Programs” subtab.

2. Click on the “Publish RemoteApp programs” task.

3. Click on the “Add Another Program” button, and then locate and open your Acomba.exe program.

4. When you are prompted to add a shortcut to the program click on the “Yes” button.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 above for each different user who needs to use a specific config with Acomba.exe.

6. Complete the remainder of the Publish RemoteApp Programs wizard.


You will now have multiple published shortcuts for the Acomba.exe program (e.g. “Acomba“, “Acomba – Shortcut (2)“, “Acomba – Shortcut (3)“, etc.).

Double-click on the first shortcut (e.g. “Acomba“), in order to open the RemoteApp Properties wizard for it, and then do the following:

1. On the first panel of the wizard, change the shortcut’s name so that it represents one of your Acomba users (e.g. “Acomba – Mike“).

2. Click on the “Properties” button, and on the Acomba Properties window that opens, adjust the Target value of the shortcut so that it has the proper exe parameters/config that you desire (e.g. “C:\Acomba\Acomba.exe” /config1).

3. Once you have set the required exe parameters/config for the user’s Acomba shortcut, click on the OK button in order to save your changes.

4. On the second panel of the wizard, choose the “Only specified users and groups” option, and then check the checkbox for only the user who the shortcut is specific for (e.g. “Mike“).

5. Complete the remainder of the RemoteApp Properties wizard.

6. Repeat steps 1-5 above for each different Acomba shortcut/user.


In the end, you will have an Acomba shortcut that is specific for each different user (e.g “Acomba – Mike“, “Acomba – Marc“, etc.). Then, when the specific user signs in to WSE RemoteApp, they will only see the Acomba shortcut that is specific for them, and that runs their specific config in the Acomba.exe application.

Alternatively, you could also manually create a separate Acomba.BAT file for each specific Acomba user (that simply runs the command line for Acomba.exe with the specific exe parameters/config for the specific user), and then publish each separate Acomba.BAT file as a separate RemoteApp program in WSE RemoteApp. It’s pretty much the same result either way though.

I hope that helps you out some.

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Thanks that was the way i was thinking to use. That mean it not possible to edit shortcut directly on each computer for set info. thanks.

  • Mike
    For security purposes, there is no way for your end users to be able to edit their published RemoteApp program’s shortcut in order to send it a different set of parameters.
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I had a similar issue where I needed some things to be set up for specific users.
The simplest solution was to write a batch file with the specific user settings and then publish that instead of the application itself.

For example. Copy the below lines into Notepad, change the usernames and command lines as needed, then save as something like StartApp.bat. You can then publish that batch file.


if “%username%”==”UserName1” c:\Program\Appname.exe /SomeNumber

if “%username%”==”UserName2” c:\Program\Appname.exe /SomeOtherNumber

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