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I’m new to WSE RemoteApp, so this may be very basic.

A client is complaining about getting disconnected from his session when he leaves the computer idle for too long, somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes.  I saw the following post that seems to address this:

My problem is that I’m not seeing any taskbar when connected remotely.  It is set to run QuickBooks and all that I see is the QB program.

The host is running Server 2012 R2 Essentials and the workstation is running Windows 10.

How do I get to the taskbar?

Thanks in advance for any assistance…..

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If the user is signed in to WSE RemoteApp from a Windows-based client computer, then the Taskbar should be there (i.e. down at the bottom of the screen where the system clock is located). When a WSE RemoteApp session is running on the client computer, WSE RemoteApp will add its very own icon to the notification area of the client computer’s Taskbar (note that you may need to click on the upward facing “Show hidden icons” arrow in order to see any notification area icons that are currently inactive and have been hidden from the main view of the Taskbar’s notification area). Once you’ve located WSE RemoteApp’s notification area icon, simply right-click on it, and then go to: Settings ->  Lock after

  • RS
    • RS
    • 7 years ago
    Sorry… my misunderstanding. I was looking within the RemoteApp window, not at the bottom of my local screen. Thanks!
  • Mike
    No problem. Glad that you managed to locate it. RemoteApps can be a bit tricky at times seeing as they integrate themselves into the local computer so well (kudos to Microsoft!).
  • Mike
    FYI, you can also quickly/easily access WES RemoteApp’s context menu by simply clicking (or tapping) on the large image that appears up in the top left-hand corner of the banner that’s located at the very top of the WSE RemoteApp Launcher window.
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