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 I understand that only the most recent release of the product is supported, and I have confirmed that the current release version of the product is installed on my server before I submitted this support request.

Support Information

  • We provide free technical support to all purchasers of our products, who use this support request form, for up to one year from the original date of purchase. See the Policy page for additional details.
  • All support requests are acknowledged when received, and processed initially in receipt order.
  • Usually we are able to reply to a support request for one of our products within 72 hours of receipt. Occasionally, we receive complex support requests, which may take longer. Please be patient, and be assured that you are not being ignored.
  • We discard unread any support requests that do not pertain directly to our products. We regret that we cannot provide generalized support for any Microsoft or Intuit products.
  • Only the most recent release of our products are supported. Therefore, please make sure that you have the current release version of the product installed before requesting support for it.