WSE Office 2012

WSE Office 2012 is a Windows Server Solutions add-in for use with Windows Server 2012 Essentials. It provides individual user-level access to the Microsoft Office® applications from your server.

WSE Office 2012 can run a server-installed copy of each of the Microsoft Office applications from any computer just as if they were running directly on the local computer. Each application runs in its own fully resizable window with its own entry in the taskbar. Its popup windows are redirected to the local desktop, its notification area icons (if any) appear in the local computer’s notification area, and the local computer’s drives and printers can be redirected to it; making a completely seamless “Office” experience for your end-users.

With WSE Office 2012, a single server-side installation of Microsoft Office can be accessed by up to 10 users of your network (up to 25 in the “Plus” edition). Each user is provided with full access to their very own instance of the individual Microsoft Office applications; Excel, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word (the “Plus” edition also supports Access, InfoPath, Lync, Project, Publisher, SharePoint Workspace/SkyDrive Pro, and Visio).

Users can run the Microsoft Office applications in a variety of different ways:

• Locally from the server’s Launchpad application that is installed on their computer.

• Remotely from almost anywhere using the server’s built-in Remote Web Access website.

• Locally or remotely from Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows RT computers and devices.


Installation Notes

Before installing the WSE Office 2012 add-in, you will need to install a licensed copy of Microsoft Office (2013, 2010, 2007, or 2003) directly on your server.

Once you have Microsoft Office installed, you can go ahead and install the WSE Office 2012 add-in (just as you would any other Windows Server Solutions .WSSX add-in).

After the WSE Office 2012 add-in has been successfully installed, open the server Dashboard application, click on the new “WSE Office” item in the navigation pane, and choose which users you want to allow access to WSE Office 2012.

WSE Office 2012 can be used completely free of charge for up to 21 days (please note that not all features are available during the evaluation period). To continue using WSE Office 2012 after that, you will need to purchase a license and register the add-in. Click the shopping cart link, located in the sidebar of this page, to purchase a license for WSE Office 2012. Upon receipt of payment, you will be sent personalized registration information along with detailed instructions on how to register the add-in.

For complete information on installing and using WSE Office 2012, please see the ReadMe.txt file included with the download.

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WSE Office 2012

Platform: Windows Server 2012 Essentials
Last Version: 1.106.1106.1106

NOTE: This product has been discontinued and is no longer available. It has been superseded by WSE RemoteApp 2012.

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